Friday, February 11, 2011

Let's get this party started!

Alright! My name is Nathan and I was a guitarist for seven years up until about three months ago when I was suddenly forced to quit. It was a terrible three months indeed, and without surprise my finger speed and dexterity has diminished. To a guitarist who loves his solos this is comparable to a guy losing an inch of length off of his penis. However, now it seems destiny has allowed to pick up my beloved instrument once again! And I shall document my re-rise to ultimate guitar power every step of the way!


  1. Lookin forward to reading, Nathan!

    Also, may I suggest turning word verification off for comments so its easier for people to comment? Happy blogging!

  2. thats an interesting way to put losing dexterity when it comes to guitar playing lol

    i started using this hand exerciser a few months ago, at one point my pinkie really started killing me to the point where i couldn't play anymore started playing again after 10 days of recovery and starting back up hurt :-(

  3. Gl blogging! Its rewarding when you see all those comments of people that love your stuff!

  4. You'll get your mojo back, it sucks when it feels like youve lost your skills but they do come back quick. I've been playing piano and guitar quite a few years now.

  5. Dave Mustaine had to quit with it's guitar playing too, but after that he came back better than ever and he made some killer albums
    good luck!