Saturday, February 12, 2011

Minor Setback..

So today I pulled out my electric guitar to play some jams and get reacquainted with the little fella. At first I began playing her without any problems but then after a while her sound kind of took a dive and the tone fell flat! What I mean by this is that all the reverb and sustain had just disappeared. To fellow guitarists, it was like every tone dial automatically turned themselves to the off position and all I got was a whimper of a note trying to produce a sound. Now this was very frustrating, I tried playing through it and to my confusion the problem came and went at random times. It should be noted that this only happens when my guitar's toggle switch is set to the neck pickup. So I figure this must be a wiring problem related to the pickups and now I suppose I'll have to do some guitar maintenance before I can get my baby back to shredding condition. It sucks but in the meantime I guess my classical guitar will have to suffice.

Here's my electric anyway.

It's a Schecter Damien 6 which is a pretty basic model and isn't too special or anything but it and I have been through countless gigs together, produced tons of songs and wooed hoards and hoards of beautiful women together (Okay I might have exaggerated somewhere back there... just a bit). But I've always been more than satisfied with this guitar's sound and I learned practically everything on it! Blues, Jazz, Metal, Death Metal, Rock, Progressive, the list goes on and on. It hurts to see it in this condition but perhaps this just might be a sign telling me that it's time to upgrade to a whole new axe. Time will tell....


  1. if your love playing lots of the metal riffs go for a Dean dimebag tribute, i got one, it doesn't have anything fancy on the body but i love it :-)

  2. Bad luck with the guitar, maybe try playing something less electric :P